New Zealand 2012 - Queen Charlotte Ttack

Posted on July 2nd, 2012 by brett.
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Just got back from a week in New Zealand where I met up with Erin in Wellington to do some riding. From Wellington we got a ferry across to the South Island to got ride the Queen Charlotte track. We rode the track over 2 days which involved 71kms of off road, 20kms of road and about 3000 metres of climbing. It was a tough ride with some super steep slippery climbs but they were well rewarded with spectacular views of the Queen Charlotte Sound. I’ve posted more photos here.


The GPS data.

Conquering The South West

Posted on January 2nd, 2008 by brett.
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It’s been on the cards for a few years now and I’ve finally done it, I finally conquered the Great South West Walk on a bike.
I’ve talked about this ride for a long time, but never managed to find anyone silly enough to to ride it with, until Erin came along that is.

The GSWW is a 250km walk that runs from Portland along the coast to Nelson, then back to Portland along the Glenelg river and via the Cobboboonee forest. The mission was to ride from Nelson to Portland via the inland route in one day, which covers a distance of about 130kms. A 130kms which is almost all off road road walking trails.

The full write up is below.
Great South West Ride

China Update

Posted on March 25th, 2007 by brett.
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Hello from China. I am indeed still alive, for those of you who were wondering.

China, well, where to start. Maybe some random stuff is the easiest way for the moment. I might even work backwards, as thats the freshest stuff in my mind.

I’m currently sitting in a bar in Yangshuo, everyone has headed off to bed to get some sleep before our next big day on the bike.

Yangshuo is a really tourist town and when you walk around west st you have people trying to sell you stuff. most of them don’t really speak enlish so it’s pretty intersting. They come up saying ‘Hello..chess or ‘Hello..scarf’ or whatever good their trying to sell. There was this one worman who had know idea, she would be say ‘Hello money, hello money’ when she was trying to sell post card or something, it was funny as.

Today I did a chinese cooking class which was really awesome. we leart how to make about 4 dishes. they are actually really simple but i think the key is the right oil and having a really hot wok. before the class we went to the local market and got to see the local produce. this included all sorts of vegies and meat, including dog. was a little bit wrong seeing a dog hanging up on a meat hook, and another chopped down the middle on the chopping block.

Yesterday we rode around Yangshuo to see the local sights. It was pretty awesome, we did a lot of off road riding which was interesting on slicks, in the mud. We rode through the rice fields between the amazing mountains. i’ll photos when i get a chance. Probably the most amuzing part was one of the guys hired an electric scooter to ride instread of riding because he needed a rest off the bike.